What do your teeth and spine have in common?

Did you know that preventative healthcare includes dentistry and chiropractic? Keep in mind these ways that regular dentistry and chiropractic care are essential for your health.


Dentistry                                                                                           Chiropractic

-Keeping teeth and gums healthy


-Keeping Spinal bones and spinal nerves healthy
-Establish healthy dental habits


-Establish healthy spine habits
-Keeping children teeth healthy


-Keeping children nerves healthy
-Prevention of severe long term problems (cavities, root canals, cancer, tooth extraction death)


-Prevention of severe long term problems (Spinal degeneration, spine surgery, disability, death)
-Avoiding false teeth (dentures)


-Avoiding spinal surgery
-Poor dental health increases risk of heart disease and cancer


-Poor spinal health increases risk of dementia and heart disease
-reduce bad breath, gum disease


-Reduce fatigue, Spinal degeneration
-Tooth loss is common 178 million Americans but it is not normal


-80% of American adults will miss work due to spine problems, common not normal
-Tooth decay is a gradually process without early pain -Spinal degeneration is a gradual process without early pain
-42% of kids aged 2-11 have tooth decay


-91% of  healthy newborns have motion restriction in cervical (neck) region
-Tooth pain can result in poor focus at school


-Headaches and back pain can result in poor focus at school
-Kids do not maintain teeth properly (forgetful, skip brushing, high carbs foods)


-Kids do not maintain spine properly, poor posture, screen time, lack of exercise
-Age 7 children are recommended to be screened for braces


-infant evaluations are recommended in the first year of life
-Monitor children dental health as teeth and jaw grow


-Monitor children’s spinal health as they grow
-Check up every 6 months


-Check up every 3 months
-Essential for healthy teeth and gums


-Essential for health spinal bones and nerves
-Plaque formation within 24 hours of consuming food


Every healthcare professional uses normal vs abnormal to determine the amount of care required. Dentist use oral exams, digital scans and x-rays.  Chiropractors use spinal exams, digital scans and x-rays.

-Arthritis begins after 10 days of abnormal function


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