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Knee Pain


People with chronic knee pain often feel isolated, sidelined, hopeless, and helpless. Every day they suffer pain they feel they have no control over. Often, they’ve tried everything they can think of with little to no success before they come to us for holistic wellness care. Many of them rely on a combination of medications just to get through the day, medications that become steadily less effective with time.

If this is you, know that you do not have to suffer in silence.

No matter what the cause of your pain - old injuries, inflammation, aging, stress, or diet - your body, if given the right support and resources, can heal itself. You just have to give it the assistance it needs. That’s what we at Platinum Chiropractic Grand Rapids do: help you help your body to heal itself.

Knee pain relief is possible. We have a knee pain relief program that combines several tools and strategies for healing...without using drugs, surgery, or other invasive methods people have come to think are necessary for pain relief. Using the treatment programs we have designed, we’ve seen our patients’ pain resolve itself. They are able to get back to living full, active lives again without the shackle of chronic pain.

If you’re ready to make changes that will heal your knee pain, call us today at 616-419-4996. Let’s get started.

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Platinum Chiropractic Grand Rapids is the premier health and wellness center in the Greater Grand Rapids area. Rather than focusing on symptoms, we focus on your improvement. Our measure of success is in knowing how many people we have helped and how many of our practice members have experienced personal growth.

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