Suffering From Sciatica in Grand Rapids MI?

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Emergency room doctors say that sciatica is one of the most common things they encounter each year in Grand Rapids MI. While there are large numbers of people that have this issue, many never achieve a long-term solution. Their sciatic pain continues to worsen because they have not received the correct treatment. This article from Platinum Chiropractic will help you to understand the ins and outs of this condition and how chiropractic care in Grand Rapids MI can help you overcome it.

Do many people wonder what sciatica feels like? Patients often describe the pain of sciatica as a slight discomfort to the most extreme unbearable pain. Sciatic pain can show up in different areas of the leg and foot, and many times the pain will come and go. Over years of time people tend to go through periods of pain that typically intensify as the problem goes unchecked.

Sciatica in Grand Rapids MI

The pelvic and lumbar spine are usually the areas where a sciatic issue will start from. This area of the spine is very complicated and it can be difficult to locate the problem. Our team will be able to work with you to zero in on the source. From there they will need to work with you to improve the position of the spine and discs.

Some patients say that all they did was bend over to pick up a piece of paper and they were hit with extreme pain. They don't understand how an easy task caused them so much pain. The reality is that their condition was probably developing over years of time, that piece of paper just happened to be the last straw. Most spinal problems don't happen overnight, they build up over years of time.

Treating Sciatica at Platinum Chiropractic

Do you have sciatica? Do you experience pain that shoots from your lower back down your leg? You may think this is something you just have to put up with, no matter how painful it is. Fortunately, that’s not true.

Sciatica is pain that radiates from the lower back into the buttocks, hips, and outer sides of one or both legs. It’s caused by the compression of a spinal nerve root in the lower back, often owing to degeneration or injury of an intervertebral disc. The sciatic nerves are the body’s largest nerves. For many people, sciatica can feel like an electric shock running down their legs.

Your spine is made up of movable segments that are separated by small jelly-like discs and surrounded by muscles and ligaments. These structures support and absorb shock. Unfortunately, they are also vulnerable to both accidents from sports injuries and falls and repetitive stress injuries from activities like sitting at a computer all day. When the sciatic nerve becomes impinged, we call this sciatica.

The good news is, help is available! Misalignments in your spine with pressure on the nerves are exactly what a chiropractor is trained to analyze and correct. A functional spinal exam can provide you with the information needed to begin the process of healing and recovery.

Our sciatica protocol has helped hundreds of people just like you experience relief from lower back and leg pain so they can get on with their lives. Call Platinum Chiropractic today to set up an appointment for an initial consultation and evaluation.

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