If you’re suffering from aches and pains, call today. A complete functional evaluation might be just what the doctor ordered. Dr. Dan Hungerford will work with you to determine what issues or concerns you might be having, identify your goals, and develop a treatment plan. Regardless of whether you’re looking for the road to recovery or simply want to embrace a healthy lifestyle, Platinum Chiropractic can help you achieve your goals.

During your first visit, Platinum Chiropractic will perform a complete functional evaluation. This evaluation includes three diagnostic tests. The first test measures your autonomic operating system in order to measure how well your nervous system is communicating with the rest of your body. In other words: Is the signal getting from your brain to your body and vice versa? The next test is to identify inflammation by detecting abnormal temperature changes around joints in the spine. The final test utilizes surface electromyography to test your muscles. This will show if you have abnormal muscle patterns and any compensation along your spine.

First Visit Includes:

  • Consultation
  • Health History
  • Postural evaluation
  • Complete functional evaluation with 3 functional diagnostic tests
  • Spinal exam
  • Orthopedic tests
  • Range-of-motion tests
  • Muscle strength testing

It’s a conversation, not a commitment.

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