Headache and Migraine Relief in Grand Rapids MI

try chiropractic care for headache and migraine relief

Migraines and headaches are serious and affect many people in Grand Rapids MI. If you're not sure if you have had a migraine or not, the chances are you probably have not had one. The pain can be mind-numbing, and for many patients, it leaves them unable to function. The traditional medical system relies on medication for this issue, but for many patients, that's not enough. It's important to find the source of what's causing the problem. Our Grand Rapids MI chiropractic office can help.

There are many symptoms that can occur before a headache or migraine starts. Hallucinations, depression, or irritation are some of the symptoms those with migraines may experience. Often those with migraines will try to avoid any light, have an intolerance to loud noises, and experience nausea, and vomiting to name a few.

Headaches and Migraines in Grand Rapids MI

It has been shown many times that chiropractic care is effective at helping people with migraines. When the spine is aligned and pressure is removed from the nervous system, this will prevent migraine headaches from occurring. While most people know that they should visit the dentist they are not sure that they need to visit a chiropractor. Dentists take care of our teeth which is an important job, but your spine and nervous system control everything in your body.

For over one hundred years chiropractic care has been giving people relief from headaches and migraines. Grand Rapids MI chiropractors know and understand the nervous system's master role in the body. If the spine moves out of position it can put pressure on the surrounding nerves. This pressure can result in many problems, but it can also result in headaches.

So How are Headaches Treated?

Migraines are painful, debilitating headaches that force the people who suffer them into often excruciating inactivity. Many people suffer from migraines for years without finding the underlying problem and remediating it. If this is you, know that there is help available.

There are many causes of migraine headaches. Often they are triggered by:

  • Subluxation or misalignments to the head and neck that irritate nerves or alter joint function
  • Food sensitivities
  • Allergies to gluten
  • Medications
  • Stress
  • Vitamin or mineral deficiencies
  • Lack of sleep
  • Temperature or humidity fluctuations
  • Dehydration

When we see our patients, we consider all of the above as possible triggers. However, chiropractic care for headaches and migraines is well documented with over 70% of all headaches arising from problems in the cervical spine and its related structures. Masking a problem with the cervical spine with painkillers will not fix it, it will only prolong it.

A functional spinal exam can reveal if your spine is making your migraines worse. Our functional correction protocol has helped hundreds of people just like you experience relief from the intensity and frequency of their migraine headaches. If you’re ready to determine what is causing your migraines, call us today at (616) 419-4996. Let’s get started.

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