What a Relief! Ear Infections and Chiropractic

“He’s had some ear infections, you know, the normal amount.”  While ear infections are common, they are not normal.   Ear Infections are the second most common reason children go to the doctor’s office. Ear infections are also the most common reason children begin chiropractic care.   As a caring parent you just want what’s best for your child, often what’s best for your children is a chiropractic check up.

One common reason children experience ear infections is that the eustachian tubes (tubes in the ears) are smaller than that of adults. When the ears are draining properly, fluid (dirt, debris and, water) travel from the middle ear down the back of the throat. If there is a misalignment at the top of the neck than the middle ear does not drain properly. This back up of fluid and debris can contribute to an ear infection. It is a lot like a river that has been blocked off, creating a stagnant pool of water inside the ear. 

What causes a misalignment at the top of the neck in children?This misalignment is usually caused from the birthing process.  If there a complication, long labor time, C-section, medication used such as Pitocin, epidural or vacuum extraction, any of those can cause trauma to the infants’ neck and shoulders. Trauma to the neck and shoulders can cause subluxation or interference to the infants’ nervous system. This can contribute to a child’s ears not draining correctly.   Often this results in an ear infection.

A doctor of chiropractic is trained to analyze, identify and adjust areas of Subluxation in the spine. An adjustment is a gentle and effective way to restore proper communication from the brain to the body. In this case specifically the ear. Once the nervous system is functioning properly, the ear can drain properly. A recent study by Dr. Fallon found that of patients who completed chiropractic treatment, 80% of patients were free of ear infections for at least 6 months.

If your child has experienced recurrent ear infections, rounds of antibiotics, or had a recommendation for tubes in the ears, a chiropractic check up could be the solution that you’re looking for.


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