Why Keep Going to the Chiropractor?

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Stop me if you’ve heard this before.   Once you go to a Chiropractor you….. Always go to a Chiropractor.  We’ve all heard this before but is there any truth to it?

Chiropractic is fantastic for solving many pain related problems but why would you go after your out of pain?  It turns out, it could save you a lot of time and money.  A 2011 study of Chiropractic care for patients with chronic back pain, demonstrated some surprising results.  3 groups of patients were studied.  1 group received 12 “sham” (fake) adjustments over a 1 month period.  A 2nd group received 12 adjustments over a 1 month period.  A 3rd group received 12 adjustments over a month period as well as a maintenance adjustment every 2 weeks for the next 9 months.

While both groups who received real adjustments had significantly better results compared to the sham group,  only the maintenance group continually improved their pain and disability index over the next 9 months.  The groups who did not receive maintenance care reverted back to their pre-treatment level.   Returning for crisis can be expensive and also disrupt your life.  Would you prefer to go from crisis to crisis or would you prefer to maintain your health and avoid injuries and stress?

Do regular Chiropractic check ups make sense?  For most people they do.   Getting and staying pain free is important to most people.  However if you want to only use Chiropractic for periodic aches and pains we will support you.   Sporadic care often leads to a return of the previous symptoms.   Choosing to invest in your health with maintenance care is the smart choice.

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