What’s Best for the Patient?

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“What’s best for the patient?” I am always looking at chiropractic from the lens of what is best for the patient.  I was going through research and I wanted to know, given the health care options in America, what is the best choice for your health. A few questions that I will address.

– Which intervention gets patients back to work with the fewest days of missed work?

-Which healthcare intervention has the highest patient satisfaction?

-Which intervention is the most affordable?

-Which intervention is the safest, given current malpractice rates among providers?

What healthcare intervention has the fewest number of work days missed? 

According to a study in The Chiropractic Journal of Australia, chiropractic care can get worker’s compensation patients back to work 4 times faster than traditional medical care.  Of course that could be good or bad depending on how well you like your job.

Which healthcare intervention has the best patient satisfaction?  

According to a survey in 1989 by Dr. Cherkin, patients who received chiropractic care were 3X more likely to report high levels of patient satisfaction than those who received traditional medical care.  Patients who also reported high levels of satisfaction with care were more likely to believe that their chiropractor cared about them.

Which healthcare intervention is the most affordable? 

Multiple studies have demonstrated that chiropractic provides significant cost saving to both patients as well as insurance carries.  A study from The Journal of Occupational Medicine showed that chiropractic fees were up to 10 times less expensive when compared to patients who did not receive chiropractic care. The average savings per patient was approximately $900.

Which healthcare intervention is the safest given current malpractice rates among providers?

The medical specialty with the highest malpractice was a neurosurgeon. A chiropractor was ranked as one of the lowest risk providers. A chiropractic adjustment is much safer than a procedure which is more invasive such as medicine, injections or surgery.

When choosing a healthcare provider the 4 key areas of interest are: how long will it take, patient satisfaction, cost and safety. In all 4 key areas chiropractic has the best outcome. If you want your healthcare to be fast results, affordable, safe and highly satisfying than chiropractic the right choice for you and your family.


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