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What is chiropractic based on?  Does chiropractic work only because patients believe it will work?  Or is chiropractic based on science, research and documentation, explaining the how and why of chiropractic care?

“Chiropractic only works because of the placebo effect.”  I have heard this many times but is there any truth to it?

Chiropractic is based on 3 well documented facts.

– The first is that everything in the body is controlled by the nervous system.  

-The second is that the body is self healing and self regulating.

-The third is that if you interfere with the nervous system than you interfere with the body’s ability to regulate and heal.

One of the best studies done to disprove chiropractic was the Winsor study.  The Winsor study took place in 1921 and was performed by Henry Winsor MD. The purpose of the study was to determine whether minor curvatures of the spine related to organ disease.  Dr. Winsor was attempting to disprove chiropractic but instead proved chiropractic correct.

Dr. Winsor used 50 cadavers in his study.  His findings were nothing short of amazing.

-In 50 cadavers with 139 diseased organs, the autopsies displayed there was an abnormal curve in the spine connected to the nerves controlling 128 of the diseased organs. Analyzing the spine as it refers to organ health is accurate 90% of the time.

-The organs that were damaged were noted to be acute or recent diseases meaning that damage to the spine came before organ disease.

-Degeneration of the spine appears to precede old age and to cause it.  The spine becomes stiff and old age follows.  

Here are some specific examples of organs that were shown to have disease and the area of the spine affecting it.

-Lung disease was linked to loss of spinal motion and degeneration in the upper back.

-Liver disease was correlated to degeneration and loss of spinal motion in the upper back below the shoulder blades.

-Prostate and Bladder disease was linked to loss of degeneration and spinal motion in the low back.


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