Predicting quality of life is easier than you think

Is there a crystal ball to tell you whether you will have a long, healthy, and enjoyable life?  There’s no way to tell how long someone will live, life is just too unpredictable but a recent study can accurately predict your quality of life as you age.  It sounds impossible but it’s not as difficult as you might think.

To accurately predict a patient’s quality of life you simply need to look at 4 unique measurements.  A study on the health and quality of life in 100 Japanese males was able to accurately predict based on the angle of the lumbar spine, back muscle strength, balance from right to left, and mobility of the spine.  These tests are actually quite simple but can give great insight to both patient and provider.

It’s not a coincidence that these tests are regularly used by chiropractors to assess new patients.  A chiropractor analyzes a patient’s spine to determine if subluxations are present.  A subluxation is present when there is a misalignment in the spine that interferes with nerve signals from the brain to the body. This interference can   lower quality of life, restrict movement, and create pain. Correction of these problems can result in the spine increased mobility, improved sense of balance, restore the spines natural curves and also improve muscle strength. Not surprisingly when these 4 categories are improved the patient experiences a higher quality of life.

It has been said that everyone needs chiropractic care.   However if this study is any indicator of how healthcare will work in the future, everyone would benefit from an assessment involving these 4 categories and care if necessary. The best way to start would be to set up an appointment with your chiropractor and find out if in fact your spine is affecting your quality of life.


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Back muscle strength and spinal mobility are predictors of quality of life in middle-aged and elderly males.

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