Tips for Improving Posture

A while back when we talked about stress, we spoke about how many people who are stressed may have bad posture. We had a few patients ask us: What are some tips for improving posture? We talked so much about the results of bad posture and what can cause it, but we realized we didn’t address how to fix it. We wanted to provide something that would easy and comfortable for anyone, but quick enough that most of us could find time in our day.


Here are four easy steps to improve your posture.

1. Set an alarm in your phone for spinal hygiene once a day, 7 days a week. You spend 5 minutes a day taking care of your teeth, the least you can do is spend 5 minutes taking care of your spine. 90% of readers will not do this step.

2. Practice spinal hygiene for 5 minutes a day.
a. Cat/cow – on all fours, arch back up and down slowly for 2 minutes
b. Stretch front of neck (both sides) for 30 seconds each
c. Kneeling stretch for upper thigh (hip flexors) (both sides) for 30 seconds each
d. Chest stretch (Pectoral muscles) stretch (both sides) for 30 seconds each

3. Have a good chiropractor in your corner. This is a practical suggestion, similar to having a good dental health expert or a tax expert. A good chiropractor can steer you clear of bad habits and answer questions you might have.

4. See step 1. Make sure the reminder is in your phone!

At our office, we printed these steps out for patients to put on their fridge as a gentle reminder. Feel free to print this post or bookmark it. One of the better strategies is to perform these exercises when you brush your teeth. Then you can do two healthy things in just 10 minutes a day. Feel free to add more activity as you become more aware of your spine. In the first 90 days just focus on setting these activities as a habit. Your awareness of your posture will improve as you get more used to the activities.

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