Slumping Doesn’t Cause Heartburn, Right?

heartburnTrue or false? The loss of lumbar curve increases symptoms of acid reflux. This is true. Poor posture where your head and shoulders drift forward can cause or aggravate symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux.  This can happen by putting additional pressure on the stomach and abdominal cavity.
Here at the office we talk a lot about digestion. Digestive problems are very common and all too often we only focus exclusively on food. We worry about what foods upset digestion and what foods and nutrients help, but many times we over look an obvious cause: poor posture.
Digestive symptoms that may arise from poor posture can include gas, bloating, and even mild abdominal pain. In fact, one study analyzed the influence of body posture on intestinal transit of gas, finding that maintaining an upright posture favors gas evacuation in individuals with gas retention – such as those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
It’s true you can eat in any position, like grabbing a meal on the go in the car, snacking while laying on the couch, lunching at work while hunched over the computer, or standing around the kitchen at family gatherings. However, it has been proven that eating in an upright, seated position is best. It also seems the most conducive for allowing digestive juices and blood to flow to through the digestive tract. If you think about it, our bodies weren’t built to be hunched over the kitchen table with our necks sticking forward all the time. When we have poor posture and fall into that hunched forward manner, we can run into problems beyond just digestive problems, such as back and neck pain.
In other words, put down the phone, step away from the computer, and slow down while you enjoy a healthy meal. Enjoying eating seated with your shoulders down and back while maintaining a neutral neck can benefit the digestive process (read more).

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