How Much Weight Would You Like to Shed?

Are you looking for a before and after photo?

How much weight would you like to lose?  Why do you want to lose weight?  What would a successful weight loss feel like?  Many Americans spend moments of their day wondering what life would be like if they were a healthy weight. If I could lose even 10 pounds, life would be so much better!  Losing weight is easier than you think but it does help to have an experienced coach in your corner.

Weight gain doesn’t happen overnight nor is it an overnight fix but in a couple months you could be a totally different person.  First off find out what is the powerful “why?” Weight loss never works if it’s something temporary or superficial.  Is it to be there for your kids? To lower medication? To regain your athletic ability? To get a better job?  There are many good reasons to lose weight but you have to find out which one is uniquely yours.

Are you looking for a before and after photo?  Let me tell you about Tom. Tom was having trouble losing weight. His weight was keeping him from the career he wanted, he was fatigued easily and the weight had also affected his self esteem.  He had been overweight since high school and he wanted a new life. He tried exercise and dieting but that was slow and difficult to manage. Then he found something that worked.

Tom and his wife started the Take Shape for Life program.  The results were fast.  With the assistance of a health coach from Take Shape for Life Tom, lost over 20 pounds his first month.  He went on to lose 70 Lbs over 16 weeks.   Now he has his life back and is pursuing his career in law enforcement.  He is able to run and has  energy to play with his kids.  If you know someone that wants to make a change, we can help.

I only need to lose 10 pounds will this program work for me? It will, I have used it myself. Before going on vacation in 2011 I used TSFL to lose 11 Lbs in 2 weeks.  It was fast and easy to follow.  Losing 11 pounds without exercising is usually quite a challenge but with training and nutrition it was quite simple.


Tom Hungerford side by sideTom Hungerford final


Whether you are losing a couple pounds or making a significant change, we can help. Give us a call today.

How did I gain this weight?  Here are the top 5 ways to quickly gain body fat.  If you wish to lose weight simply reverse or avoid these 5 things.  If you have questions please call our office, we would be happy to help.

-Eating food that is packaged and has a long shelf life.  Boxed food that can stay on the shelves for a while often is dense in carbohydrates which trigger weight gain. These foods are usually made with very little fiber which is necessary for healthy blood sugar. This includes pop tarts, chips, crackers, pizza, and pastas to name a few.

– A food allergy or sensitivity.  Irritation from food sensitivities can cause weight gain, swelling and inflammation. The 2 most common food sensitivities are dairy as well as gluten. Dairy can be found in milk, yogurt, and cheese. Gluten can found in anything with bread, dough or pasta. To find out if your body is sensitive to these foods try eliminating them for a month and monitor the outcome.  

-A lack of sleep or poor sleep.  Sleep essentially recharges the body. Depriving yourself of sleep can increase the stress hormone cortisol, which triggers weight gain. It is important to allow 7-8 hours of sleep per 24 hour period. If you are having trouble sleeping, talk to your wellness doctor to figure out a natural solution.

-Lack of exercise.  Exercise is vital for maintaining or losing weight. At a minimum 15 minutes of exercise 3 times a week.  No time?  Try working out before you start your day. 30 minutes of exercise in the morning stimulates your metabolism as well as lowers anxiety and insomnia.

– Stress or depression.  Stress alters your body in all kinds of ways. One way is to trigger excessive appetite and store body fat. The key to breaking this cycle is first to identify what the stress is and then working with a wellness doctor to make a game plan.  It could be stress on your nervous system, chemical stress from food or medication or you could be physically drained from home or work. Lowering or adapting to your stress can side step weight gain. 


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