Can Chiropractic Help Your Golf Swing?

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“I really like golf but it’s starting to catch up with me. I can’t hit the ball as far as I used to and it’s starting to hurt my back.”  How do the pros maintain or even improve their game? PGA stars Tiger Woods and Zach Johnson have used chiropractic for years to improve their game and maintain a competitive edge. Does Chiropractic give this competitive edge to the average golfer as well?

To some, golf is a leisure sport with very little stress. However to those who play golf competitively there is a considerable amount of stress put in the spine, hips and shoulders every game. Golfers must go from a relaxed standing position to delivering a strong, accurate swing. This requires balance, good posture, and fluid rotation of the hips and spine. Poor posture, tight muscles and tension in the spine can drastically affect performance.

Spinal problems are not uncommon among golfers. It is so common that PGA instructor Tom Ward stated “Over 50% of all golfers will experience some sort of pain due to posture and the health problems that arise from loss of proper curves in the spine.”

A simple consultation and examination are all that is needed to determine if you can benefit from chiropractic care.  If chiropractic is a good fit for you, your chiropractor will gently and specifically adjust areas of the spine to improve range of motion, strength, and decrease pain. 

Research has shown that chiropractic care is more effective than stretching alone. Two groups were studied, with 1 group receiving chiropractic and stretching and 1 group receiving stretching only.  After four weeks the stretching only group had no improvements to their swing. The chiropractic group noted improved swing, greater shot distance and less discomfort.

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