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Parenting a child who is having trouble using the bathroom can be a challenge. Many children have no problem at all but some suffer from regular bouts of constipation. Do you change their diet? Give them medication? Use enemas? The good news is that with conservative care like chiropractic many of these interventions may not be needed.

Chiropractic has an amazing effect on the body. Quite simply chiropractic helps the body work the way it’s supposed to. With childhood constipation there is often an interruption between the nervous system and the digestive system.

Imagine the digestive tract constantly receiving input from the brain. The digestive tract constantly filters out water, nutrients and sends the rest on its way. Then the information stops. The nerve that tells the digestive tract what to do is compressed. What happens next?

Now the nerve that communicates with the digestive tract is only able to transmit part of the information from the brain. Therefore the digestive tract only receives the signal to pull out nutrients but does not move the rest of the material.  The material sits. Now we have a constipated child.

You could give your child medicine to override the body or possibly a home remedy.   In one of my recent experiences the parents gave their child a laxative. Now even if this produces a bowel movement, does that fix the pressure on the nerve that controls the digestive tract? Medicine cannot restore proper nerve communication. That is something that only a chiropractor can help with.

In my experience when a child presents with constipation and irritation to the nervous system, the adjustment has a drastic effect. The adjustment produced happier, more relaxed child as well as a bowel movement in less than 1 hour.   All kids are different and results will vary but proper nerve communication, by an adjustment, helps the body get back on track.

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