Easy ways to avoid adult diapers in the future.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how important is it for you to avoid wearing adult diapers in retirement?

When people think of the golden years they generally don’t imagine themselves uncontrollably going to the bathroom. Unfortunately losing control of the pelvic floor can be a reality for many retirees. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to leave adult diapers to chance read on…

The pelvic floor is a region of muscles between the pubic bone and the tailbone that allows you to use the bathroom when you want and not while making a toast at your daughter’s wedding. The muscles in the pelvic floor are given direction by nerves that exit the spine in the lower back and pelvis. One of the reasons that people lose pelvic floor control is abnormal nerve function.

In most cases the joints and nerves in the low back are fully functional and allow you to have a lightning fast response to control your bodily functions. When the joints and nerves in your lower back function abnormally, the signal can be weaker and slower than necessary. This loss of function and degeneration in your lower back can be painless, therefore it often goes undetected. This lack of control can ultimately lead to the wearing of adult diapers.

Research has shown that corrective spinal adjustments resulted in pelvic floor control previously only seen in elite athletes. Pregnant women will also benefit from enhanced pelvic floor control, potentially it can lead to easier childbirth and comfort during delivery. In addition this is beneficial post-delivery as it can help with the common problem of incontinence and prolapse.

Maintaining the health of your spine is more important than most people realize. Many secondary conditions (symptoms) can be caused by a primary condition in the spine. Therefore regular check-ups are a great benefit in preventing problems and improving your quality of life

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