Chiropractic Gives Athletes a Boost

athlete running

The NFL, NBA ,and NHL are all filled with athletes of enormous talent and skill. The competition is fierce, and staying healthy is a top priority for athletes and coaches. That is why it should come as no surprise that every NBA, NHL, and NFL team have chiropractors on their staff.  At the 2012 Olympic Games, the U.S. had over 100 chiropractors in London to keep the athletes healthy.  While it is well know that chiropractic care is effective for sports injuries, a new study demonstrates that chiropractic care does in fact improve performance.

A new study done in Sweden found that athletes who utilized chiropractic care were able to jump higher than athletes who did not receive chiropractic care. This study randomly assigned athletes who recently suffered an ankle injury to receive chiropractic care or a sham treatment for three weeks.  At the end of the three-week period, the athletes who received chiropractic adjustments had improved significantly better than the sham group.

These results mirror the results that our office sees in practice. Our office has extensive experience with sports injuries, and we have worked with athletes from football, cross country, competitive cheer, and basketball teams.  If you or your child is suffering from a sports injury give our office a call at 616-419-4996 to set up a no charge consultation.

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