Can Chiropractic Cure Anxiety?



Anxiety can be paralyzing, especially when you’re not sure what the future holds or how life will work out. The racing mind, clammy hands and rapid heart rate have affected us all at one time or another.  However for some this is a daily occurrence. So what are your options?

Currently most anxiety suffers take prescription drugs. Even though they can have unpleasant side effect and lack long term studies demonstrating safety. Symptom based treatments almost never work long term so it’s best to find the cause of the problem.  Simple assessments can be done to determine the cause.  A critical factor for patients with anxiety is the performance of the nervous system.

My spine can affect my thoughts?  In some ways, yes.  Your brain is constantly sending and receiving information from your spine and adapting to changes in your environment.  When your spine becomes misaligned or subluxated, your brain receives improper input and that can negatively affect your thoughts and moods.   A simple diagnostic scan can check to see if your spine is functioning properly.

Once it has been determined that there are problems in your spine, your chiropractor can give you a specific adjustment that will reset your nervous system.  This new information is sent to your brain which improves your body’s ability to adapt and regulate your body.

Our patients regularly report improved sleep, better digestion, decreased pain, better energy and improved mental clarity.  Once the body and nervous system are working properly, feelings of anxiety are generally lower.  Not all cases of anxiety are chiropractic cases.  There are simple tests that can be done to determine this.  Chiropractors work well with other healthcare professionals and will help you find the care that is best for you and your family.


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